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I ate lunch yesterday at Pacific Grill in downtown Tacoma. Despite construction, I parked in one of my usual spots on Market Street, one long city block up the hill from Pacific and 15th. Rain was intermittent. Business was brisk. Midway.

A local mom snapped a picture of a funny note she received from her son’s teacher. The note made me laugh out loud. Check it out (shared with the mom’s permission).

Team Scary Mommy. Toddlers This Is Why Parenting A 1-Year-Old Is Beyond Exhausting. Regan Long. Toddlers How To Potty Train Your Child In.

If you weren’t paying strict attention, you might have mistaken the CBS half-hour “Mom” for a typical network TV sitcom. It’s very funny, there are plenty of jokes, the rhythms of set-up, punchline, kicker are familiar. But “Mom” is something.

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We’re aware. The words overrated and underrated are problematic and subjective and often given to misuse. In some sense you could argue such a feature is one big.

9 mommy and daddy bloggers to watch in 2015. beautiful images and funny parenting fails brought to you by awesome mommy bloggers.

I’d been anxious all day about my blog. a brilliant, funny, beautiful little girl who gives me “the powerful gift of pure, unadulterated love” and our two cats, one of.

She went along with it, just to try it, figuring at least she’d come away with a funny story. Soon. She said after the race she wanted to find her mom in the crowd,

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No Sleep ’til College. No Sleep Til College No Sleep ’til College. Home;. Since I was a kid taking aerobics classes with my mom, I’ve enjoyed working out.

Check out our list of best mom blogs to find out how to get mom. The Best Mom Blogs To. happy little blog written by a super funny mom of three insanely.

Margot Robbie burns up the ice as disgraced 1990s figure skater Tonya Harding.

What garlic fingers are is pure deliciousness in a thumb-sized rectangle shape that are dipped (more like dunked) into donair sauce. You’ve just been schooled my.

When she was 10, her parents split up, and “we went from having a nice, middle-class life to being on welfare and food stamps,” she says, adding that she.

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Managing a household, raising 3 kids and losing my identity all at the same time.

When AliceAnn Meyer’s son, Jameson, now 6, was born with a rare genetic disorder that prevented his head and face from developing correctly, the San Antonio, Texas, mom started a blog to keep family. the child you find so funny.

And we’ll all have to watch for the arrival of the newest member of the Gaines.

We’ve rounded up our favorite blogs that help you navigate the ins and outs of pregnancy, birth and beyond.

A funny, lonely and above all corrupted girl-next-door. a waver here and there.

To be as funny as Colbert it probably would take a mother who taught them to do stage-falls on the kitchen floor! He says that if you like the show, that’s because of the great staff. “If you like me also?” Colbert said, “It’s because of my mom.”

Managing a household, raising 3 kids and losing my identity all at the same time.

A blog post on the YouGov site explains. Younger siblings, on the other hand, are more likely to say they are more funny (46% compared to 36% of elder siblings), more easy going and more relaxed. A 2007 Norwegian study also.

Welcome to the biggest list of travel blogs and websites on the Internet. YES, 2300 blogs! The aim of creating this list is to gather

From sleeping in mom and dad’s bed to shaking up the world. Find out how the dragons handle this issue and this funny story recommended for kids 3-5.

Tickle your funny bone with our top picks for the most hilarious mom bloggers on the web.

Funny Is Family My title is Homemaker. So ridiculous. Funny Mom Edition. Continue Reading. Liebster Blog Award.

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In the weeks leading up to Christmas, Mira had one toy that kept coming to the top of her list: a Furby. Other items on the list would change, but a pink Furby was.

(There’s a funny fantasy musical number in which Nick imagines a rainbow.

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You know, it’s funny because I liked different writers for different reasons. in.

Why just be funny when you can be SNARKY? Here’s a list of unrelentingly snarky blogs that cover news and culture with humor and sarcasm.

So I went over to Kris’ house and I had dinner with the whole family and I have to.

Love, Mrs. Mommy: 9.87 2826 34 A fun mommy blog with giveaways, reviews, DIY projects, food, as well as a look inside the life of a funny, outspoken,

A funny mommy blog written by Jennifer Carsen, a New Hampshire mom

Mark Davis/Getty Want all the latest pregnancy and birth announcements, plus celebrity mom blogs? Click here to get those and more in the PEOPLE Babies newsletter. and I think sometimes you can think things are funny that.

Daily Beast ] -Manliness and Mr. Mom: 30 years later, men begin struggling with the life-work dilemma as "more is expected of them at home, but expectations have not shifted at work." [ New York Times ] -David Carr ponders The.

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Another Olympics has arrived, and you know what that means on this blog. More.